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Fast, Simple Property Loans

Secure finance, fast approvals and settlements with trusted experts.

Need quick and hassle-free property finance? 

Trying to secure an investment property? Struggling to secure a fast loan approval from your bank? DFP can help!

DFP’s tailor-made property loan gives you a fast and simple way to secure finance for a new property. Whether you’re acquiring a property, refinancing an existing loan, or wanting to release cash equity from your property investments, our solution will help you turn your plans into a reality. 

A Personalised Approach - No Forms!

At DFP we know time is of the essence; it could mean the difference between securing a property or losing out on a new investment. 

Our highly experienced team of banking professionals will contact you directly to get the details we need to process your application. Forget the lengthy forms and tireless document submissions. We do the heavy lifting for you, so you don’t have to. 

A Fast, Simple Property Loan

The ultimate solution to help you progress your property plans.  
We lend to you when the banks can’t

Fast Approvals

Acquire or refinance property faster with our swift approval process

No Forms

Experience our hassle-free, zero-doc application


A customised loan solution designed for property investors

Who is this loan for?

Are you a self-employed property investor? Our lending solution will help you to: 

Acquire a Property

If you’re struggling to secure finance from the bank, our property loan will help you acquire your site quickly, especially in time-sensitive situations like property auctions.


Need to access equity from your existing property loan? Our refinancing options will unlock equity, giving you the financial means to fuel your business.  

An industry leading property finance solution 

Our tailor-made, short-term property loan solution will help you turn your next project into a reality.  

Generous Loans

Secure $1-3m in funding

Attractive LVRs

Enjoy up to 70% LVR

Flexible Loan Terms

Tailored terms of up to 3 years 

Rapid Approval

Decisions are in made in 24-48 hours 

Fast Settlements

Get cash out within 2 weeks 

How does it work?

Our process is a simple as 1-2-3.  
Enquire today and speak to Gary, who will assist you with your application.

STEP 1: Get in touch 

Complete our form or call the team to arrange a meeting 

STEP 2: Talk to us

Attend our meeting to discuss your circumstances and understand our approach

STEP 3: Indicative approval 

Receive an indicative approval subject to valuation, within 24-48 hours 

STEP 4: Unconditional approval 

Secure an unconditional finance approval 

STEP 5: Loan settlement 

Typically within 14 days 

What Our Clients Say

A. Choi, CF Group

“From the initial conversation to the finalised funding, my entire process with DFP was straightforward and tailored to my requirements. The consistent professional communication, customer service, and ability to deliver the funding required within my tight deadlines was impressive.

My trust in DFP far exceeds other brokers and is on par with my Tier 1 personal banker. When you work with DFP, there is no ambiguity. You can feel confident that they can get deals done quickly, with transparency and integrity.”

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Common questions

My bank turned me down for a property loan, can I still apply?

In short, yes you can. If in doubt, contact us to discuss your case. 

Do I need to have an asset to use as collateral? 

Yes. Our loans are secured against an existing property.

I’m self-employed, can I still borrow money for an investment property? 

Yes you can, providing you have an existing asset to use as collateral. 

How can you lend to me if my bank can’t? 

Our loans are designed specifically for the property industry. Unlike the banks, we adopt a smarter and more practical approach to assessing your serviceability.

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