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The DFP Duplex Construction Loan

Financing a Dual Occupancy Home Project?

Duplex builds are an excellent development investment and a smart way to maximise the value of a single block of land.

Though, securing finance can be tricky. It's not easy to secure loans for duplex projects from traditional lenders. This is where Development Finance Partners can help.


Whether you're building a duplex for the first time, or you're an experienced developer, DFP has the solution for your development needs.

We specialise in tailored finance solutions for developers. Over the years, we've helped numerous property developers to secure funding for a variety of projects ranging from small, boutique developments to large metro and regional projects.

We provide a full turn-key service to help you progress your duplex project.


The DFP Duplex Construction Loan

A bespoke finance solution for duplex projects, designed to meet the majority of lending circumstances.

I need to acquire a site

We provide 'land bank' finance to help you secure a future development site prior to plans and DAs. We also advise when to use equity from an existing property to put towards your next duplex site.

I have a site with a DA

We can assist you with moving straight into a ‘construction loan’ with progress payments for your builder.

Who We're For?

New developers

Is this your first duplex project? Are you just getting started? We can help you get up and running fast with our financing solutions.

Experienced developers

We've been working with seasoned property developers since 2011 and can help you navigate complex lending circumstances.

Duplex Construction Loan Benefits

Fast Approvals

No fuss applications get projects started sooner.


This assessment isn't required.

Tailored to you

Matched to your duplex construction needs.

Experienced Team

25+ years experience in
development finance.

No DA Required

Secure a site without
development approval.

What Our Clients Say

From the initial conversation to the finalised funding, the entire process was straightforward and tailored to my requirements. The consistent professional communication, customer service, and ability to deliver the funding required within the tight deadlines were impressive. As an experienced developer, my trust in Matt far exceeds other mortgage brokers and is on par with my tier 1 personal banker. When you work with DFP, there is no ambiguity, you can feel confident they can get deals done quickly with transparency and integrity.
- A. Choi, CF Group

We needed a facility urgently and DFP were able to help us within a two-week turnaround. When they say they will do something, they do it. There’s no ambiguity. When you work with them there’s certainty and they are really responsive with offers, outcomes and getting the deal closed. They get things done quickly. Certainty for developers is really key at the moment with what’s happening in the funding market.
– Rick Impala, Real Estate Finance Group

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I have dealt with Bronko Kozel, Baxter Gamble and the DFP team for over ten years, and cannot recommend them strongly enough. The world of commercial construction finance can be a torrid territory and to say it is always smooth sailing would be an untruth. But as for outstanding results, genuine integrity, and doing business with some really good people, DFP is my 'default space' each and every time, and equally nail it, each and every time. Their follow-up service is above and beyond. You are not a client for one deal, but a client for life. Outstanding performance.

– A. McCullagh, Red Panda Group

Good and reliable. Great communication, customer service and solution focused. Matt and Kate were readily available to speak, which was essential with tight time constraints. Responsive and effective financial services can be the difference to securing a deal or missing out. DFP services were value for money.

– C.Boyle, Freedom Property Group

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Common questions

Can I purchase a future development site before I get plans and approvals?

Yes. We have three loan types for 'land banking' that are typically used for 1-2 years while plans and approvals are completed.

Can I use equity I have in my existing property to put towards the purchase ?

Yes - the above loan types can all be used for cash out too.

What if I already own the site and have Development Approval?

Great, we can assist you with moving straight into a construction loan with progress payments for your builder.

I have development approval and my building contract now, how do I move into a construction?

Once you're ready to start construction we will have a valuation report done of the 'on completion' value of your finished product. The construction loan can go up to 70% LVR of the 'on completion' value. One of our team can discuss this part of your loan further with you.

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