DFP's client of 7 years initiated negotiations in late 2022 and by April 2023, contracts were exchanged for a significant land acquisition in Austral.

The initial Development Application (DA) submitted for a 25-lot configuration in November 2020 faced challenges and was not approved.

Undeterred, the client, submitted a modified application for 22-lots, which received expedited approval from the Council in August 2023.


The valuation of the land, with the approved DA stood at $7.8 million, a substantial increase from the purchase price of $6.7 million. 

The challenge was to secure funding that would maximise the benefit derived from the enhanced land value.

DFP's Strategic Solution

DFP, leveraging its expertise and innovative funding strategies, played a pivotal role in turning this challenge into an opportunity.

With the improved valuation, DFP facilitated funding at 70% of the assessed value, providing the client with a financing facility equivalent to 81% of the original purchase price.

This strategic move effectively reduced the cash equity requirement for the client, freeing up funds that could be redirected towards acquiring additional sites.

Results and Benefits

The successful execution of DFP's funding strategy not only ensured the timely settlement of the land acquisition, but also empowered the client to capitalise on the increased property value.


DFP's strategic funding approach not only facilitated a successful land acquisition, but also empowered the client to seize additional opportunities in a dynamic real estate market. 

Client Testimonial

“I cannot thank you enough for constantly supporting our Group over the many years, with leading edge funding strategies and packages”

What DFP Delivered 

Type of finance: Land Bank 

Term: 12 months

Amount: $5,460,000

LVR: 81%

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