DFP client, Omira Property Group, wins 2023 Urban Developer Awards: Development on the Year - Small Scale Residential, for Asana development, Byron Bay.

The 2023 Urban Developer Awards for Industry Excellence announced its winner for Development of the Year - Small Scale Residential this month, presenting the award to Omira Property Group.

Omira, a valued client of Development Finance Partners (DFP), has earned it's well-deserved recognition for the outstanding development, Asana, a boutique collection of three homes in Byron Bay. DFP supported Omira throughout this project’s journey, successfully helping them overcome numerous challenges from start to finish.

Omira Property Group: A Commitment to Quality & Innovation

The success story of Omira Property Group can be attributed to the passion and expertise of its founder, Alisdair Baker. Growing up surrounded by nature in northern Portugal, Alisdair developed a love for property development under the guidance of his father. He brought this knowledge and passion to Australia, where he founded Omira Property Group in 2005.

For Alisdair and his team, creating thoughtfully designed homes in special locations is not just about constructing buildings, but also providing a lifestyle.

"We focus on our buyers and investors, but we also focus on the community. I think that's an important responsibility in order to ensure delivery of something that we can be genuinely proud of," says Alisdair Baker of Omira Property Group.

Navigating Development Challenges with DFP

In an ever-changing property market driven by economic issues, being nimble and well-informed on the subject of finance is crucial. 

DFP played a pivotal role in supporting Omira through various challenges, forever staying ahead of potential risks and adapting to fluctuating market conditions. The team at DFP helped Omira to navigate these challenges by providing timely and flexible finance solutions to ensure project momentum maintained.

"One of the significant challenges developers face today is rising construction costs and a shortage of skilled labor," confirmed Alisdair, "which has caused a profitless boom in the development industry".

However, DFP's ability to offer swift access to different finance options allows developers, like Alisdair, to make informed decisions quickly, maximising returns and minimising risks.

Another common hurdle in the development process is obtaining approvals from local councils. The uncertainty surrounding a timeline for approval assessments can significantly impact project delivery. As a developer, Alisdair has learnt the importance of building project contingency plans and maintaining strong relationships with trusted contractors. DFP's support ensured that Omira received the necessary financial resources to address any unforeseen challenges that arose during the Asana development process.

DFP's end-to-end tailored finance solutions

Development Finance Partners takes pride in its partnership with Omira Property Group. As a specialised development finance provider, DFP offers end-to-end tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of each development project.

"It's simply not just about providing finance. It's about managing our client relationships and ensuring that all stakeholder, institutions, and developers, come out the other end happy," says Baxter Gamble, Co-Founder & Director of DFP.

The commitment to quick finance turnaround times and comprehensive solutions has been instrumental in supporting Omira Property Group's success with Asana, allowing the developers to take advantage of strategic opportunities and overcome obstacles.

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